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Another Giveaway…

I still have tons of blog hopping to do to all the meme’s that I’ve joined and a bonus to that is stumbling upon bloggers who is currently hosting a blog giveaway :D.

And so here is my 2nd blog giveaway post for this month. This one is from Domestic Cherry. Oh I love the prize!(I’m a bag fanatic) Keeping my fingers crossed for Random.Org to pick my number,*wink!

The CK Duffle Bag is store for the lucky winner :D

For the mechanics and further information for this giveaway, visit Domestic Cherry here.

Good luck Everyone!

And my passion is…

Passion according to one of its definition, a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. So what I am passionate about?

I’m passionate about life,my family and my friends. I also have passion for reading, writing and the thing that I am most passionate about is preparing food for my friends and love ones. I heart cooking and baking. I feel stress-free whenever I cook and saw the appreciation in the eyes of my eaters. I would not say that I’m really good at it, all I know is that everyday I’m learning. Recently I also did some baking and again, I’m enjoying and loving it. :D. That’s what keeps me busy and inspired right now,blogging,cooking and baking. :D

Why am I writing about my passion? Well, It’s my entry for Fashion and Passion Online birthday and beauty give away.

This Birthday and Beauty Giveaway would not be possible without the help of these wonderful sponsors.

My Journey to Life |Something to Live By

Prosperity’s Desire |Fashion and Passion Online

Seiko’s Diary |My Online Journeys

Food and Culture |Fashionably Trendy

Earn Dollars Pinoy |Samut-Sari

Anime Heaven |Qlick Tech Blog

Cotton Candy Buzz |A Woman Remembers

Living Life to the Fullest |Pinay Reviewer

BlankPixels- The Geek Side |Online Mommy’s Corner

Rabago Family Escapades |One Day Graphics

Travels and Explorations |Anything and Everything’s Free

Cotton Candy Buzz |Journey of a Dreamer

Learn to Earn from Home | Babies and Contests

My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf | Life…and then some

Fashion is my Passion |

To join this giveaway visit :

Fashion and Passion Online

Chris Chronicles 1st Blogversary Giveaway

Yey! Another Blogversary Giveaway to join.

Mommy Chris of Chris Chronicles is celebrating her blog’s anniversary and is very generous enough to give the ff. prizes

1st winner will get $100

2nd winner will get $50

3rd winner will get $30

4th winner will get blogger/wordpress template

And of course Mommy Chris is also very thankful to her sponsors for making this blogversary giveaway possible. They are Pinay Mommy Online Proud Mommy of Three The Domain Angel Life’s Digital Moments ,Eat, Drink, Blog Caffeinated Muse Reviewer’s Haven Janet Speaks The Travel Diva ,SketchesYam’s Files Mum Writes Again Travels and Musings Viva Pinay Small Kids Big Dreams Azumi ★ Kawaii Princess’ Story Fab ♥ Momma Kawaii Princess Samut-Sari Joys in Life Paula’s Place WAHM sa Pinas Pop Ups of My Mind Nursing Uniforms Kero’s Celebration blankpixels – The Geek Side Certified Foodies jared’s little corner of the world…Travels and Explorations Designer’s Depot Work at Home DadNoobfoodie The Smart Shopper Living Life to the Fullest! Happy Home Working Life of a Filipina Blogger ,Wahmaholic DesignsThe Miscellaneous MeFamily and Home Living

I’ve been joining many blog giveaways and I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky enough to win. What will I do with the prize? For the monetary part, I would like to allot it for the ff :

1. hosting domain for my blogs ( this one and Mum @ works Kitchen Wonders)

2. My daughter will be graduating this march and I want to surprise her with a graduation gift.

3. Gift also for my son ( who will turn one year old this April)

4. Savings for future expenses.

Well, I already have a long list for the prize :D.

Good luck to us all!

Want to join too? Click here to see the promo and mechanics.


A Barbie Giveaway

Found another giveaway hosted by Charlotte – My Sweet Little Princess, and the prizes are

1. Barbie Fabulously Pink Body Powder

2. Barbie Fabulously Pink Hand Sanitizer

3. Barbie Fabulously Pink Cologne

4. Just for girls mini hair clips

Sam will surely enjoy this goodies since she really likes barbie :D.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that luck will stay by my side during selection of winner :D.

Good luck to everyone!