Mi Feliz Cumpleaños.. :)

Two days from now, I’ll be celebrating my 33 years of existence, yay!

I admit that I’ve been hiatus with blogging (being this post as my first for this year). A lot had happened to me since my last post. Struggles and challenges that I’m really thankful because GOD never left me during those times. And now here I am, waiting for the clock as another year will be added into my life.

Am I getting old? No I’m not!!! That’s only figures, lol! :). “Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda (Only carabao get’s old)” as what the saying goes, hehehe

So what I’m looking forward this year? ALOT!! A better future, personal growth, good health for me and family, good times with friends and families, less stress, new learnings, more clients,  baking and pastry school, out of town trips and a lot more… Advance happy birthday to me :). Thank you GOD for your unspeakable gifts!


If only I could bring back the hands of time then I will.

Never did I imagined that things would turned out like this. I feel exhausted and drained by thinking how and why I’ve done this one thing that will ruined everything.  Asking for forgiveness would not fixed the damaged that’s been done, but it will somehow eased the burden that I have.

I pray that in HIS time everything will be alright.

May GOD hold my hands and keep me sane all through out this hardship in my life. . . . Please help me GOD…


August is my Blogversary!

I started blogging August of 2010. From a free word press account that I later transferred on my own domain and hosting that I acquired from a generous fellow blogger. Writing is one of my passion but because of lack of time between work, family, baking and other sort of things, I haven’t constantly updating my blog.

But just like what I said, this month was a special month not only because of it being my blogversary but because it’s hubby’s birthday month and another gift will be on her way out in just a few weeks time. :)

I hope that there would be no more monsoon surges and typhoon to hit the country the rest of the month. GOD bless every one!

On Motorcycling

Whenever I watched news, there’s always something about a motorcycle vehicle accident. It’s either the driver was drunk, or was not wearing a helmet. Most motorcyclists were joy riders. Often, they would stay on the fast lane, getting their way in between 4-wheel vehicles,and were fearless. They usually doesn’t use signals, and you’ll just be surprised by them popping from nowhere.  They don’t realized that driving a motorcycle made them vulnerable on the road especially if they were not wearing the proper attire such as helmet, elbow and knee pads, motorcycle boots and riding jacket. If only motorcyclists will be cautious enough and will drive properly, then accidents will be lessen and lives won’t be wasted.